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Why do we do it?
John Clementson, July 2008

Why do we do it. Why do artists do what they do. It’s a risky business being an artist. As if getting the work on to the surface isn’t a difficult enough occupation, the need to communicate then drives the artist to exhibit, to allow his or her ideas, beliefs, soul, to be examined, discussed, critically deconstructed by individuals who may possess only the slightest understanding of the intention of the originator. Generally though the artist has a modicum of control (and artists exert control even with the seemingly chaotic) over the work to be exhibited/displayed. Usually all of the elements of the working process are removed and all that remains for the audience of the work is the finished artefact, object, image etc.

What we have here in addition however, is an insight into the process itself, the search for meaning, the unanswered questions, the idea in its infancy. This is a bold decision by the artist, and I can assure you that it is not arrogance that compels the artist to make this decision but a rare honesty and integrity. We are fortunate to be allowed a rare insight into the creative process itself.