yorgos maraziotis · artist · yorgosmaraziotis@gmail.com

Born in 1984, in Athens (GR), Yorgos Maraziotis holds an MA degree in
Visual Arts (Sculpture) from the Royal Academy in Antwerp. He has also studied Silkscreen at the School Of Visual Arts in New York City. As an artist he uses various media such as sculpture, installation, painting and publications and often works in contextualised thematic series. Since 2008 he is a member of the participatory art group November.

His multidisciplinary practice focuses on conceptual processes that recover historical visual identities, propose a study on the concepts of trace and memory, and explore the contrast between reality and fiction, in an index-like manner. Through his discipline he tends to intervene in space architecturally, constructing intimate participatory settings that breed tension towards their viewers and make them wonder at their role. Furthermore he questions the politics of space, the notion of habitation and the concept of immateriality in today’s pop culture . His artworks often gain a gestural narrative and attempt to co-exist antithetical notions such as rawness/fragility, power/weakness, danger/safety.

His work has been exhibited in group and solo shows internationally. He lives and works between Antwerp and Athens.


  • 2015 Still, S.A.F, Santorini (cur. by M. Vasariotou)
  • Night Of The World, Nitra Gallery, Thessaloniki
  • 2014 Night Of The World, S.V.A, New York City
  • 2013 Night Of The World, Beton7, Athens (cur. by S. Bahtsetzis)
  • 2011 O, Lord!, Beton7, Athens
  • 2009 5 Seasons, Old Arsakion School, Patras
  • 2008 Inside, Hole, Athens
  • Inside, Old Pantopolion, Patras


  • 2018 Our Hands Are Forever Dirty, OCMW, Antwerp (w. M. Vilanova)
  • 2017 This Is Always This, AC Institute, New York City (w. Karen Y. Chan)

+32 (0) 494 063006


  • 2018 How To Fall With Grace, Kaloni Lesvos, (cur. by N. Vamvouklis)
  • My Wounded Knee, MA Show, Royal Academy, Antwerp
  • Mass.Matter, Vermont Art Center, Rutland VT
  • Wondrous Pearls, Royal Academy, Antwerp (cur. by S. Moons)
  • Forthcoming, Space52, Athens (cur. by L. Papachristou)
  • 2017 UNniversitas, Matadero, Madrid
  • Platforms Project 2017, Athens
  • 2016 Concept: Winter 2016, CICA Museum, South Korea
  • Open Studios, MASS MoCA, North Adams MA
  • Out-Topias, Benaki Museum, Athens (cur. by Th. Vovolis)
  • Tramontane, Ileana Tounta gallery, Athens (cur. by A. Papazaharias)
  • 2015 Art- Athina Contemporaries: 2015-1976, Athens (cur. by C. Marinos)
  • Kenophobia, CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery, Athens
  • Beauty Is The Method, ACG Gallery, Athens (cur. by S. Bahtsetzis)
  • 2014 Rematerializing Culture, M. Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens
  • Post Vacation Blues, Loggos Old School, Paxos
  • 2013 Ultimate Laser Summit, Tinguely Museum, Basel
  • The Cabinet, ReMap4, Athens
  • In Case (...) Break Glass, Nordic House, Reykjavik
  • 2012 Month of the Performance, L' Atelier, Berlin
  • 2005 D&AD New Blood, Old Bilingsgate, London


  • 2018 17 gestures forced uttered, AMP gallery, Athens (space and lights design)
  • 2017 The School Of Everything, Documenta14, Kassel (curatorial assistant for AthenSYN)
  • Manual Solos, Porta Theatre, Athens (space installation)
  • 2016 The Box, Worldwide (art direction)
  • ALASKA, Le Quartz Scene Nationale de Brest, France (installation)
  • A Mountain Of Black Stones, Beton7 gallery, Athens (installation)
  • 2015 Monoblock, Vyronas, Athens (performance)
  • Stones, Bretagne, France (installation)
  • 2013 ITHACA24, Centre des Arts de la Rue, Port St.Luis (installation)
  • 2012 Dreams, M. Kakoyannis Foundation, Athens (installation)
  • Crusade, Anglican Church, Patras (installation)
  • 2011 Klytemnistra2, Ancient Castle, Patras (set design)
  • 2010 Siviria, Apollo Theater , Patras (set design)
  • 2009 MUD, Lithografion Theater , Patras (set design)


2015 Night Of The World, Mer. Paper Kunsthalle, Ghent (BE)



2012 Guest lecturer at the Graphic Communication Department of the University of Wolverhampton